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Fire risk assessments, you may not WANT one, but you NEED one by LAW.

Fire risk assessments are not the most exciting of purchases and, as a preventative measure, do not provide a company with an immediate visible boost from buying – meaning they can be low down on a business’ priority list. However, the assessments are vital and a necessary part of any company infrastructure. A fire risk assessment comes with many more subtle benefits which may not always be apparent, such as; Legal compliance, Education for staff, Confidence with insurance companies and more.

It is a legal requirement in the UK, for a Fire Risk Assessment to be conducted on all blocks of flats or business premises. If your company has 4 or more regular employees in the building, then the Fire Risk Assessment must also be documented. This can be carried out by a ‘responsible person’ but if done incorrectly, you could run afoul with the law. With fines for minor penalties up to £5,000, major penalties being unlimited £’s and up to 2 years in prison, it’s important the Fire Risk Assessment is carried out by the right person. Therefore, appointing an accredited assessor such as the ones at Infinite Fire & Security, removes the risk to you and ensures the assessment is carried out accurately, without legal repercussions for yourself.

So, You’ve booked your fire risk assessment with Infinite Fire & Security, what happens next?

We will attend your site, discuss your requirements and our NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) qualified assessor will carry out the Fire Risk Assessment. On completion we will provide you with a full report of our findings including suggested corrective measures to take to make your building a safer environment, whilst also complying with the current fire legislation. This, of course, can all be done with minimal intrusion to your premises and at an appointment time to suit you.

Why wait? Call the office on 01226 337898, drop us an email or even contact us direct through the website and get the ball rolling. You may not want to, but by law, you need to. So rip the hypothetical plaster off and call us today. Your business will thank you for it.