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Ultimate peace of mind and the latest technology with Infinite Fire and Security

Infinite Fire and Security offer a range of security solutions, from intruder alarms to CCTV and maintenance to monitoring.

We use the latest technology and highest quality products to provide you with the very best cost effective systems. All work is carried out by our own certified engineers.


The best Intruder Alarm system can depend upon a number of factors. Different intruder protection systems provide a range of functionality and come at a range of prices.

All our Intruder Alarm systems are installed to PD6662, this means that the systems are insurance approved. They come with a certificate of compliance for insurance purposes, and also a 3 year warranty.

Intruder Alarm systems are recommended to be serviced by an approved company every 12 months, or in some cases, every 6 months depending on the grade of the system, and/or monitoring.

We install two types of Intruder Alarm Systems, these are: Texecom Alarm Systems and AJAX Systems. We are registered installers for both of these and either can be remote monitored.


The latest wireless technology in Intruder Alarm systems. It reacts to real dangers only, not to false alarms. If anything happens, Ajax will notify you in a heartbeat.

Indoor protection with motion and opening or break detectors offer reliable protection to doors and windows. Outdoor protection motion detectors monitor the adjacent territory around the house and raise an alarm instantaneously.

Ajax quickly recognises the first signs of a fire, smoke or sharply increased temperature when the fire is burning without smoke.

Ajax maintains a constant connection with the cloud server (with no service charge for this), it sends operation and incident reports to the smartphone.


Click on the video link below to watch how the AJAX system works


These types of systems can be wired or wireless depending on the system you require.

Wireless Texecom systems bring together a range of multiple devices across a wireless network, even from the most remote locations like garages and sheds.

Wired Systems are hardwired throughout the house and are very reliable, and can have the same functionality as a wireless system.

Texecom can also provide excellent fire and smoke detection as additions to your system.

Texecom Connect is an option to add onto either wired or wireless systems so you can control this directly from your smartphone or tablet.


These days installing CCTV can be relatively inexpensive. Key benefits of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems can be peace of mind, deterrent and crime prevention, prosecution, remote monitoring, can be ideal to use in conjunction with intruder alarms and the possibility of reduced insurance premium.

Being fully accredited in design, installation and commission, we make sure that your system complies with the laws that govern CCTV, a full handover pack is supplied after every install and we are always on hand for any guidance throughout the design to finished installation.

Warranty: 3 year warranties are supplied with any of our CCTV systems with the recommendation of servicing annually.
Registered Installer: All our equipment that we install is Dahua and we are proud to be a registered installer.


A monitored intruder alarm is essentially an audible intruder alarm with “monitoring” added as an additional service. An audible alarm is just as it sounds, it makes an audible noise when activated. The purpose of this is to draw attention to the property and scare the intruder away. For many audible alarms this is the limit as to what they can do.

This is where monitoring added to your system, gives you peace of mind that when this is attached to an alarm receiving centre (ARC) would notify any key holders chosen when the alarm has been triggered.

It is their job to determine whether this is a confirmed alarm; (eg: A genuine intruder) or a mains failure etc. This is at an annual cost and all our systems are linked to East Midlands Monitoring Station based in Nottingham. This is an option obviously of your choice depending on your perceived risk.


Just like other appliances and systems, an Intruder Alarm system needs regular servicing and maintenance for it to work as it should and offer you peace of mind and full protection that it is working correctly.

Regular servicing of your intruder alarm will often work out more cost effective in the long run as it will detect any issues before they become bigger ones and ensuring consumable parts are replaced, such as batteries in the correct time frame so your system doesn’t trigger any unnecessary faults.

We can:
Service and maintain the majority of alarm systems already installed, carry out upgrades and add additional detection devices.

Takeover from current alarm installer or service provider covering either bells only or monitored systems.

Emergency call out 24/7 at competitive prices.

SSAIB approved service & maintenance giving you that added peace of mind that we comply to current British Standards or Insurers requirements


Fire alarms save lives. When you rely on something to that degree, it is vital you take steps to ensure it is ready to do its job should the need arise. It’s precisely why fire alarm servicing is so important.

If you live in a 3 + storey home, we can service and maintain your fire alarm to give you the peace of mind that should the worst happen, the fire alarm will work and alert you to evacuate when needed.

We service domestic fire alarms to the British Standard BS5839, are fully accredited and issue full certification for you.



The latest cutting edge technology


Peace of mind with our state of the art intruder alarms


We are a highly accredited, insured and experienced team.
We are committed to compliance and legislation, ensuring we adhere to the latest industry standards.
We are proud to carry the latest accreditations and be part of the industry’s leading associations.


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