With the office a buzz here at Infinite with our annual accreditation inspection looming, we thought we’d discuss accreditations, and what they mean to you?

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Accreditations serve a variety of purposes. Such as, customer service, ethical values or quality infrastructures and are often created by independent bodies. In the Fire and Security industry, we are in a field of supporting the prevention of loss of life. That means the fire and security accreditation we work to and work hard for, will be the first element of quality and what you should be looking for in a Fire and Security provider. 

Fire prevention and good practice saves lives. It therefore stands to good reason that you should only choose a Fire provider with an independent certification body. One which is accredited by the government body UKAS. The accreditation you need to look for is BAFE. At Infinite Fire & Security, we are BAFE SP203-1 accredited.

We also pride ourselves on being SSAIB certified, which also has wide UKAS accreditation. This means that our certification is subject to independent scrutiny and validation against international standards.

SSAIB’s aim is “To promote high standards of service, within the community of Electronic Security, Guarding and Fire System providers – in the interests of end users. This is achieved through rigorous assessment of providers against SSAIB’s scheme criteria and British or European Standards, maintained by regular and ongoing audits of management systems and inspection of systems” (source: https://ssaib.org/page/our-role/). That therefore means, here at Infinite Fire & Security, we are held to the highest of standards within the industry.

The correct choice of supplier is imperative. Suppliers should not be chosen merely on the cheapest quote, but on the adequate insurance and accreditation the supplier holds. Also, something to consider is the stability and longevity of the company to ensure warranty and continued support is available. 

With over 20 years in the Fire & Security industry, you can trust in and on Infinite to deliver and keep on delivering the best service for their customers – For many many years to come.

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