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Although we lose an hours sleep, we all look forward to the lighter evenings as the clocks spring ahead an hour, but unfortunately it’s not all sunshine and daffodils. 

You’d automatically think that the risk of an intruder would decrease as we enjoy longer daylight hours, but according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), this isn’t the case.
The ONS reported 27 burglary instances per 1,000 domestic properties during 2016-2017. Commercial properties show an even more alarming figure (no pun intended) of 303 burglary instances per 1,000 properties – and this is for the wholesale and retail sector only!
With these shocking statistics in mind, do you think your property is sufficiently protected? When was the last time your alarm system had a spring clean? Or is yours more ‘silence of the lambs’? (see what we did there? Spring… Lambs…)
As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure and we we’d hate to see anyone fall into either one of these statistics. It’s important that you have the correct system installed for your premises and that it undergoes regular servicing and maintenance.
Here at Infinite Fire and Security, we offer the ultimate peace of mind with our Infinite Care Package https://www.infinitefiresecurity.co.uk/infinite-care.php with prices starting from as little as £90.00 for a domestic contract.
No matter the age or condition of your alarm, our engineers will and ensure you’re ready for whatever the seasons throw at you.
Spring into action and give us a call on 0845 1110 423 or email sales@infinitefiresecurity.co.uk

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