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When 2 become 4. Due to every other expansion we’ve had recently, we’ve now had to expand our vehicle range too!

In keeping with our vehicle ‘theme’, all our vans are silver with our trademark red and black sign writing. Which was done by the wonderful people down at Signhouse UK in Barugh Green. We like to keep it local and support local businesses wherever we can.

First up, best dressed as to who gets the newest vans but it looks like Caroline in the office will be driving what her daughter has coined “Daddy little van”. When its finally decided (probably by way of Rock, Paper, Scissors) who gets which van, we will of course try and round up all our lovely engineers for a staff photo with our new fleet. Because we definitely think 4 vans can now be classed as a ‘fleet’!

So if you see us out on the road, heading to our customers across the UK, give us a friendly BEEP BEEP to say “Hello” 🙂

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