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Manage and monitor access into and from any area or building with our flexible systems

Infinite Fire & Security are specialists in access control, offering a complete design, installation and maintenance package that is tailored to each individual client’s requirements and objectives.

What is Access Control?

Access control offers a secure, convenient, flexible, and cost-effective way of controlling who can access to your building and when that access is allowed. The benefits are endless with installing an access control system, and it means that you will never have to change a lock again! The technology used within the Paxton product line, allows access through the controlled doors, and are easily controlled through their user friendly Net2/Paxton 10 Apps. From wireless door handles to door entry panels – Paxton has got you covered.

Who uses Access Control?

The easy answer is everyone! Access Control is used by almost every industry sector from your commercial and industrial sectors, to residential and the education sector, to retail and leisure. Each industry can benefit from having Paxton installed; giving the ultimate safety and security asset to members of the public, staff, business assets/keeping secured areas secure for approved personnel only and safeguarding where it is used within an educational setting. For more information on the benefits within these sectors please head to:


Keeping It Simple! The Net2 system has been developed to be able to accommodate your site requirements, with ease. Paxton design their products to make building management and security simple, by using a wired or wireless controller or door entry and software and it is designed to be effortless and innate. With the Net2 Connect App the range of features available in the new and easy to use; you can manage your staff and multiple sites remotely from your smartphone or browser. Features include:

Works with Net2 Pro

Flexible Site Management

Remote Management

Live Updates

Roll Call

User Administration

Go Pro!

The added features on the Pro App can be highly beneficial as it allows you to open doors remotely from wherever you are, add, delete and edit users, quickly establish where users are in the event of an emergency and view default Paxton10 reports live or from the last 365 days, wherever you have an internet connection.

It can also be used as proximity readers for clocking in and out, enabling you to log employee working hours and generate reports for HR and in the event of an emergency such as a fire alarm, create reports listing who is in the building, to ensure a more accurate evacuation. Security lockdowns are also available with the Pro should the site have sensitive areas, only allowing security personnel free movement in the event of a security emergency.

Find out more about Paxton Connect YouTube Video brought to you by Paxton:

Door Entry System

Entry is a door entry system that works standalone or alongside Paxton’s Net2 access control or Paxton10, access control and video management, combining door entry with key features of our access control software. Entry consists of 3 components that auto-detect on set up; external panel, interior monitor and door control unit.

The new Entry Standard monitor comes with a 4.3” capacitive touch screen, and the same user interface as the Entry Premium monitor. The sleek, timeless design enables the monitor to fit discreetly into any surroundings. The monitor can be wall or desk mounted and is available with or without a handset.

PaxLock Pro

About – PaxLock Pro is the latest addition to Paxton’s range of wireless access control solutions. The design is compatible with any DIN standard lock for a quick and simple installation. Its smart, compact appearance and standalone or networked operation means it can be used in more applications than ever before.

Installation – PaxLock Pro is designed for installation on 35mm – 62mm door widths. Doors wider than 50mm will require a separate fitting kit, sold separately.

Standalone – For use on sites not requiring the additional functionality of an online system. With a flexible upgrade path from standalone to networked, allowing your system to grow to suit your needs.


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Paxton 10 Gold Installer!

We pride ourselves as being a Paxton 10 Gold Installer and our engineers are able assist and advise our customers on the best products, to suit you/your building requirements. This next generation of combining access control with video management (IP Cameras) provides surveillance of your site, increasing the security of your building without complicated integrations. With ultimate control on access in and out of your premises and security and with its simplicity of system management, with user-friendly free apps, it is no wonder more and more customers are opting to have Paxton 10 installed.

Find out more with this informative YouTube Video brought to you by Paxton:

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Biometric Access Control (finger print readers) can offer
advantages over standard access control.

This can seem futuristic, but with Biometric finger print readers
this gives a control system that cannot be falsified.

Biometric readers can help with staff time, attendance and management,
they are easy to use and programmed exactly to your requirements.


We have many types of intercom systems available. They range from voice only systems to sophisticated video link to many different doors and rooms.

A range of handsets are available from audio only to colour video – all have facilities for remote unlocking of any door and come in many different varieties.

Call stations can be ordered to suit individual needs and can include key-code or Fob/card swipe for personal entry or just a simple call button.



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