Moving on up!

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They say moving is one of the most stressful things you can do. With 42% of the British public voting that moving was one of their most stressful life events, that doesn’t mean it cant be one of the most exciting too. That can be doubly said for when it comes to moving your business. But we’ve done it and were only better and stronger for it.

Infinite Fire & Security is cementing its name of ‘Infinity’ but setting down roots in our new offices in Dodworth, Barnsley. With more staff than ever, in the office and on the field, 2019 looks like its going to be a very exciting and productive year. 

The end of 2018 has seen many changes for us (and many tins of paint!). However, what remains the same: We are still a family company that likes to take care of our customers and our staff like family. Because without you, these changes wouldn’t be happening.

MD Chris Gillis said about the move “Its nice to see all the years of hard work starting to pay off and now really is the right time to expand the business”

Things are starting to take shape in the office. We have the meeting rooms set up and everyone has their own desk, complete with pictures drawn by their children. We even have a microwave! (PAT tested of course!) We finished the decorating and downed our paint brushes just in-time for Christmas and even managed to throw a little festive tinsel around to get us into the spirit.

Things really are looking ‘Merry and Bright’ here at Infinite HQ for 2019. We hope you can all pop round for a cup of tea/coffee in the New Year and see the place for yourselves!

 And last but not least, we want to wish all our customers, new and old, a Happy New Year!

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