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Ajax Systems are a technology company who create intruder detectors and alarms to help keep you and your home safe. 

Ajax systems was founded in 2011 and currently retail their products in over 120 countries, with 2 million premises under their protection. They have thousands of trusted installers all over the world (us being one of them) giving them the ability to protect and ensure the safety of as many homes and business premises as possible. They use some of the best technology and science in their products to allow them to operate to the best of their ability, even in the most extreme of conditions. 

The entire system runs through the Hub which is essentially the brain of the system, while using encrypted radio protocol, Jeweller, to link and connect up to 200 devices within a one thousand metre range. Ajax devices have an instant response when detection is processed and sends alerts via SMS messages, in app notifications or a phone call to alert you. 

Ajax are continuously updating their product line, whether they are brand-new to the industry or an updated version of a past products. They’re always ensuring they provide the best quality, for the most outstanding results. They strive to be incomparable in their way of keeping your property and belongings safe from unwanted appliance damage or theft of belongings. 

They’ve also expanded with their ‘Home Automation’ line, which provides comfort and security within the home. The 2 new products are the Ajax ‘Socket’ and ‘LightSwitch’ – the ‘Socket’ allows you to control your appliances and devices all at the heart of their App; when you leave your house, close the door and arm the system. All top energy consuming/dangerous appliances will be automatically switched off and will no longer create a risk of fire and much more! 

The ’LightSwitch’ combines the reliability of professional security systems and a thoughtful user experience. The smart switch from Ajax has a large touch- sensitive panel that can be activated both by tap and contactless – this will be available soon! 


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