What is the BAFE Fire Safety Register?

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BAFE stands for British Approvals for Fire Equipment and BAFE Fire Safety Register, is a register of quality fire safety organisations across the UK.

How important is certification?

Although BAFE certification is voluntary, it is extremely important as it demonstrates to prospective customers as companies commitment to quality and their dedication to delivering services to the highest standards.

How are companies assessed?

BAFE registered companies are independently assessed by UKAS accredited certification body to ensure they have achieved quality evidence of competency to deliver their work. Assessments take place annually to ensure companies are always up to date with relevant standards and best working practices.

Why do they give companies ID numbers?

BAFE registered companies receive a unique ID number. This means a customer can easily research the company in question and check up on their services and credentials through through the AFE website www.bafe.org.uk

We are proud to have been on the BAFE Fire Safety Register for many years, demonstrating our commitment to compliance and legislation. You can find out more about the accretions we carry on our website.

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