Weekly Testing Package

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Same time next week? The Infinite Weekly Testing

Commercial premises by law have to have some form of fire detection system installed. With that, comes the testing of said detection system. Any automatic detection system requires weekly testing by a nominated competent person. This is to be carried out during normal working hours and at the same approximate time each week. It is necessary for the competent person to ensure that faults at the panel are identified for appropriate action. 

It is also vital for regular tests to be carried out to ensure that there has not been any major failure of the entire system. This is all outlined in the British Standards for fire detection and fire alarm systems; BS5839-1:2017. Then, if a fault is found, the relevant contractors need to be contacted and called out to fix the fault.

This is a lot to put on an employees shoulders and sadly, mistakes can be made. Most people are not even aware of BS5839-1, let alone have actually read it. As the business owner, it requires a lot of trust and confidence in your employee/competent person to make sure your premises are up to this British Standard should the unthinkable happen. Making sure the finer details are carried out such as operating a different manual call point each week or updating the log book correctly, for insurance purposes, you need to make sure everything is up to standard.

Thats’ why at Infinite, we have launched the Infinite Weekly package. It is an agreement between yourself and Infinite where we will have a dedicated engineer attend your premises on the same day, at the same approximate time each week to carry out the testing for you, we can test any commercial property including working with property management companies. That way, you can be confident that your fire alarm system is being tested by an accredited engineer who has decades of experience and that all the T’s are crossed and all the i’s dotted. If a fault is found during testing? Not a problem. If we’re able to fix the issue there and then, we will. If any major fault is found or any major works are required then we will report it to yourself and arrange to come and repair asap. Therefore cutting out the middle man and admin time. You can take reassurance that both the testing and any repair work will be done to the highest of standards as we are SSAIB, FIA and BAFE accredited. These are accreditations we are VERY proud of and we work VERY hard to maintain them year-on-year.

We also offer in addition, installation and monitoring to your fire panel where by, if there is a fault either in or out of office hours, you will be alerted. Therefore keeping you in the loop 24/7. We also offer a key-holder agreement, so that you don’t have to worry about being at the premises at the same time each week. 

If you would like us to attend your site for a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote, then get in touch. Either via the web chat link, telephone or email addresses found in our ‘Contact Us’ section. 

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