The Latest technology from Dahua – TiOC 2.0 Full Colour

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TiOC 2.0 – Full-colour Active Deterrence Artificial Intelligence Solution 

NEW Series 2!!
Now with smart Dual Illuminators. The TIOC 2.0 camera that can monitor at night with infrared and when motion is detected it activates its auxiliary illuminator light for full Colour recording.

TiOC: is otherwise known as the 3 in one camera. The 3 standout features being AI Wizsense, an AI chip with a deep learning algorithm, full-colour technology for colour recording at night and active deterrence features utilising a built-in siren, red and blue strobe lights, and a microphone and loudspeaker, also providing 2-way audio. The camera is a powerhouse of features providing a unique and highly effective surveillance solution. Active deterrence can be used to its full potential or disarmed to suit the security requirement.

Full Colour: TiOC uses a warm LED light that allows the camera to capture 24/7 vivid colour footage even at night. This increases the probability of collecting valid human, vehicle, and event evidence through brighter monitoring. Also works with AI functions to further enhance the probability and accuracy of target recognition and feature extraction with 98% AI accuracy at night. 

Active Deterrence: Camera actively warns off intruders with built-in flashing Red & Blue lights, siren, and audible commands. The lights can be configured to steady or flash. The camera is equipped with pre-recorded audible commands.

AI Coding: AI Coding dynamically allocates bit rate, providing clear target images while saving more than 90% bitrate.

Perimeter Protection & AI Search: Based on human and vehicle classification the perimeter Protection filters out leaves, light, wind, rain, and other interference which lowers the False alarm rate to less than 2%. 

App Alarm Push: Push alarm notifications in real-time, featuring one touch arming and disarming. If installed on a network, these features require compatible network video recorders. 

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