The Importance of Servicing.

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When you have a system installed you must have them serviced to keep them up to the British standard. It has come to our attention that not everyone knows the importance of servicing so we have decided to create a Q&A to answer some enquiries you might not have even thought about.

Why does my equipment need servicing?

It is crucial that any fire, intruder or CCTV systems you have in place are well maintained in order to provide the intended protection when you need it. Regular servicing will also ensure your systems are fully compliant as well as keeping any warranty or guarantees valid.

Some insurance companies require you to have your alarm system serviced. So, if you sate you have an alarm on your declaration make sure you use it and have it maintained.

Will I be tied to a contract?

When it comes down to our servicing, we do not use contracts. We put in place an annual agreement that you have the choice to renew each year just before your servicing is due.

What happens if I forget about my servicing?

Our office administrators keep a log of your annual services and will reach out to you via a phone call to get you booked in with an engineer.

Will I have a different engineer each time?

We don’t use subcontracts which means that you will always have a familiar face taking care of your systems.

We offer a range of servicing and maintenance packages for both your home and business.

Please give us a call for further information!

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