History of Yorkshire

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Where did the name Yorkshire come from?

Yorkshire or the County of York was so named as it is the shire (administrative area or county) of the city of York or York’s Shire. “York” comes from the Viking name for the city, Jórvík. The word “Shire” is either from the Old Norse word skyr or from Old English scir meaning share, care or official charge.

In 1974 the political map of Yorkshire changed. Yorkshire was split up into four areas, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Humberside This is because Leeds and Sheffield were so big and emerging into enormous cities and Manchester and Liverpool were emerging at the same time as well. 

What is Yorkshire is famous for?  

  • Yorkshire Puddings 
  • Cricket Legends  
  • Stainless Steel  
  • The Brontë Sisters 
  • The first commercial steam train 
  • Wensleydale Cheese  
  • Marks & Spencer 
  • The first ever football club  

Did you know? 

  1. The first ever recordered Yorkshire pudding recipe appeared in the book called The Whole Duty of a Woman in 1737 and was listed as “A Dripping Pudding” The dripping comes from spit roast meat 

  • Cricket Legends were founded in 1863 
  • On the 13th of August 1913 Harry Brearley made the first Stainless Steel in Yorkshire. 
  • The Brontë sisters published novels, with differing levels of success Anne’s ‘Agnes Grey’ and Charlotte’s was ‘Jane Eyre’ in 1847. ‘Jane Eyre was one of the year’s best sellers.  
  • The first railway of this kind was the Middleton Railway between Middleton and Leeds in West Yorkshire, England, UK, where the first commercially successful steam locomotive, Salamanca, ran in 1812. This used a system designed and patented in 1811 by John Blenkinsop.
  • Wensleydale is a style of cheese originally produced in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, England, but now mostly made in large commercial creameries throughout the United Kingdom. The term “Yorkshire Wensleydale” can only be used for cheese that is made in Wensleydale.

  • Marks & Spencer started life more than 130 years ago when the Jewish immigrant Michael Marks came to the north of England from his hometown of Slonim, Belarus. He arrived with little money and spoke poor English. Beginning as a pedlar, he soon owned a market stall in Kirkgate Market in Leeds.
  • Sheffield FC was the world’s first Football club which was founded in October 1857.  

The Good Old Yorkshire sayings 

  1. Yarkshar – Yorkshire
  2. ‘Ow Do – Hello
  3. Nah Then – Hello
  4. ‘Ey Up – Hello
  5. Ta – Thanks. 
  6. Ta’ra – Goodbye. 
  7. Si’thi’ – Goodbye. 
  8. T’ – To. 

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