Focus on the Tech – The Mini Hubble

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What is Dahua? 

Dahua Technology is a world-leading video centric AloT solution and service provider that was launched back in 2001, and we have been a registered installer for a number of years. Over the years they have grown to be the world’s second-largest market share of video surveillance equipment and have 57 branches with over 22,000 employees. They have deployed their products and services in 180 countries to allow coverage over key industries such as: Transportation, manufacturing, education, retail, banking & finance, etc. Being committed to the mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living”, Dahua Technology adhere to their core value of being “customer centred,” to ensure they provide the market with excellent quality and service, with their products and efforts to build a safer and more intelligent society. 

The Mini Hubble:

The Mini Hubble is an all-new model of the already existing Hubble camera. However, it is 60% smaller and 50% lighter, with a height of 296.8mm and a width of 280mm. The camera comes in two models; you have the choice of the A360 model which rotates 360 degrees all around with wide coverage of the area, or the A180 model, which rotates 180 degrees with wide coverage. The A180 contains 4 2MP cameras and the A360 holds 8 2MP cameras. They both include the 4MP PTZ camera which has an IR (infrared) distance of up to 100 metres and 25x optical zoom and also has 16MP/8MP HD Resolution. The camera also contains an integrated mic and speaker, creating two-way communication. It is the ideal camera for wider coverage such as, warehouses, car parks, large scale properties, etc. 

Product Features:

Bubble Level Sensor 

This bubble sensor is integrated into the design to ensure correct alignment during the installation. It prevents the camera from tilting giving you the best results when viewing and an enhanced monitoring experience.   

Smart Tracking 

Panoramic cameras are capable of accurately identifying human and vehicle targets and reduce false alarms being triggered by non-threatening stimuli, such as animals or rustling leaves. The software uses the integrated 25x optical zoom PTZ camera, to swiftly follow and capture the details and actions of the moving target. We will be demonstrating this camera on our demo trailer at the Great Yorkshire Show, Come pay us a visit! 

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