Endless possibilities with Ajax security systems

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Ajax protects your family and business from intruders, fires and floods. If trouble comes, the system immediately activates the sirens, sends you an alert, and requests for help from an alarm response company. 

Ajax Systems was founded in 2011, and now the company is represented in 77 countries to date. Late last year Ajax approached us, to be part of the BETA testing for them to gain the UK British Standard PD6662 for intruder alarms, thus making the system insurance approved when installed by an accredited company. We were delighted to be involved. The systems are so easy to install and for the end user to use, and with great delight they gained the British Standard so we were able to start installing their systems. 
With the hubs being the brain of the system, and can have up to 100 devices connected to it and a communication range of up to 2000 meters without obstacles. They are easily monitored, either self monitoring or connected to a monitoring station, nothing is too much for this system. 
For reliability, the hubs can have up to four types of communication and have a built in battery with a life span of up to seven years.
The system deters intruders, recognises fire, detects flooding and can stream security cameras. Ajax is smart, reliable and lightening fast. It reacts to real dangers only, not to false alarms. If anything happens, Ajax will notify you in a heartbeat. This system is the most award winning wireless security system in Europe.
The system transmits alarms from detectors to the hub within 0.15s, encrypts data at every step with a floating key encryption algorithm and much more. 

Protect your home with a tap, the Ajax app turns your security system into one easy to manage device.
No intruder will go undetected, indoor motion, opening and break detectors offer reliable protection of doors and windows that can be used to easily gain entry to the premises. Outdoor motion detectors monitor the adjacent territory around a house or office and raise an alarm instantaneously when intruders approach.
The app is designed to help users to stay in touch with their property from anywhere in the world.
With this system, you can add and build the alarm up as you require, it is just so simple. You can also protect your property against fire, smoke and flooding. 
Farms, villas and even estates with stand alone buildings – the Ajax security system can cover properties of any size.
Ajax operates on a real time operating system, which ensures flawless execution of every command. Such operating systems are used in robotics, aviation and military – in every field with no mistake. The hub automatically updates, protected from cyber attacks and constantly monitors each device. 
There are indoor and outdoor devices available, each with its own speciality from door contacts, to pet immune detectors, to break glass detectors and smoke detectors.  

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