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Intruder alarms and CCTV can be installed in most remote places and viewed on smart devices and/or computers anytime anywhere in the world.

Pigs are very clean animals, look at this lovely bunch….

In December 2020 in England there was 5.2 million total cattle and calves, 3.7 million pigs and 15.3 million sheep and lambs! (gov.uk) That seems a lot, we saw these beauties on a recent install whilst installing Dahua CCTV, they were very friendly.

Interesting figures: There are 280,000 farms in the UK. East Anglia is the top crop producing region, making enough barley alone to make 2.5 million pints of beer each year! The UK produces 7.8 million tonnes of wheat, 5.5 million tonnes of potatoes on average in a year.(www.cropscience.bayer.co.uk)

NFU’s Mutual’s annual rural crime report shows the cost of rural crime reached £54 million in 2019, and reported 4th August 2020 an increase of almost 9%. This includes tractors, quad bikes and large numbers of livestock. (nfuonline.com)

A tractor can do in a day what used to take 100 people to do in a week.

In 1900, the farmer performed jobs by hand, ploughing forking hay and milking etc. The power needed for farm operations was supplied by work animals and humans. By 1950 most farm operations had been greatly changed due to electricity and power being used to perform chores. (www.census.gov)

To date there a whopping 56,521 farm businesses in the uk. (www.assets.publishing.service.gov.uk)

Large corporations such as Arla foods safety programme focuses on the protection against all types of threats, from sabotage to natural disasters, since that could threaten colleagues, food safety and buildings. The main focus is on access control, CCTV surveillance, fences and security Systems. (www.arla.com)

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