Did You Know – Autumn Edition…

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Fire requires a fuel, oxygen, and heat to burn. Take one of these compounds away and the fire will die down to nothing.

Pumpkins are grown in every continent except from Antarctica.

Halloween was originally a pagan holiday to honour the dead. It was known as ‘all hallows eve.

’The northern lights occur twice as often in autumn and winter than any other time of the year. This is due to longer and clearer nights.

The word autumn is believed to have come from the Etruscan word “autu” meaning ‘change of season.’

Here in Britain oak leaves are falling a week later compared to 30 years ago due to global warming.

The Caribbean islands are one of the few places that don’t get to experience autumn. This is due to it being closer to the equator keeping the weather beautifully mild all year round.

Up until 1500, Autumn was called harvest in Britain.

Leaves change certain colours in Autumn depending on how much sugar they contain. This is why maple leaves are always a dark red because they contain more sugar than oak leaves.

The biggest cause for a fire is the misuse of kitchen appliances specifically cooking tops on ovens.

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