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Only Americans calls Autumn Fall.

There are more than 7500 variants of apples.  

Campfires can burn up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit (480 degrees Celsius). That’s hot enough to melt down soft metals like lead and zinc.

A majority of uncontrolled fires are started by small objects, such as cigarettes and candles. 

In 2013, burglaries and reported break-ins totalled 35,798 in September, before leaping to 39,953 in October and peaking at 40,391 in November. 

During the Autumn equinox, the sun shines directly on the equator, and the northern and southern hemispheres get the same amount of rays. 

The Autumn season is well known as the cooling-off season as the temperatures everywhere start to go down and drop. 

The full moon closest to the Autumn equinox is a “harvest moon”. 

When squirrels are hiding nuts for winter, their brains get bigger. This helps them remember where they hide their food.

The fallen dead leaves on the ground help protect seeds through the winter. They also help protect underground bee nests.

Until 1959 it was illegal to not celebrate Bonfire Night in Britain. During this time there was only one place in the UK that refused to celebrate the failed attempt. In respect to their alumni, St Peter’s School in York, where Guy Fawkes attended, was excused from burning a photo of its former pupil.

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