Big Win for our Apprentice Leah!

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Back in February LEW, known for their commitment to supporting the next generation of electricians through their apprenticeship program, decided to spice things up by hosting a social media contest on Facebook. The rules were simple: apprentices had to submit a creative image showcasing their electrical skills, and the apprentice with the most likes on their photo would win the grand prize of Fluke Equipment.

Achieving over 700 likes on her entry and winning came as no surprise to the team at Infinite Fire and Security. Leah’s dedication and talent have always been evident, making her success well-deserved.
After Leah’s victory, the Barnsley Chronicle featured an article about the LEW Competition. This exposure not only highlights the success of the competition but also promotes the local talent and creativity that it nurtures. Such coverage can inspire others to participate and showcase their skills, further enriching the community and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

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