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What is checked and the tests carried out...?

Visual Inspection

Visually checking the appliance for safety or damage to the plug, fuse, wiring, cable and protective case of the appliance. Our Technical staff will ask themselves questions such as:

The Flex

  • Is it in good condition
  • Is it free from cuts, fraying and damage?
  • Is it in a location where it could be damaged?
  • Is it too long, too short or in any other way unsatisfactory?
  • Does it have inadequate joints?

The Flex Outlet

  • Is there any sign of overheating?
  • Is it free from cracks and other damage?

The appliance

  • Does it work?
  • Does it switch on and off properly?
  • Is it free from cracks, contamination damage to the case or damage, which could result in access to live parts?
  • Can it be used safely?
  • Are the users satisfied that the equipment works properly?
  • Is the equipment suitable for its environment?
  • Is the equipment suitable for the work it is required to carry out?

Test Equipment and Calibration

Only when the test engineer is satisfied with the visual checks, is the appliance connected to the test equipment. Modern computerised Portable Appliance Test (PAT) equipment is used for testing. This equipment is capable of carrying out all the tests necessary under the Code of Practice. The test results are stored by this equipment and downloaded to a computer, to provide accurate test result documentation. The equipment used is regularly calibrated and it is also checked for accuracy before every testing session.

Earth Bond Testing

The safety of certain appliances depends upon a connection with the earth for its safety.

A test is carried out using electrical test equipment to ensure a safe earth is present in the appliance. The test is to ensure that the connection between the earth pin in the mains plug of the appliance and the metal casing of the appliance is satisfactory and of sufficiently low resistance.

Insulation Testing

A test is carried out using electrical test equipment to ensure the insulation resistance in the appliance is at a safe level. This test is used to verify that adequate insulation exists between the mains supply pins and the earth.

Earth Screen Test

Used to test IT equipment (e.g. computers, copiers etc) which require a low earth ‘screen” current of lOOmA (sometimes called business equipment or IT test) This is to prevent damage to the equipment.

Flash Test

This is a very severe test and can cause damage to equipment. Flash tests are normally only carried out to equipment that has been repaired or sustained damage and only then on certain appliances such as power tools. A test is carried out to.

Earth Leakage Measurement

A test is carried out to monitor the current flow through the earth lead of the appliance. The leakage test shows the current being lost through leakage as the difference in the currents flowing in the live and neutral conductors. This difference is the total leakage away from the appliance. This test is of particular value when an appliance incorporates a number of sequences, which may change the electrical characteristics of the appliance during its operation.

Load Test

A test is carried out applying a voltage through a current limiting resistor to the mains supply plug and checks that the current flow will not be excessive when full voltage is applied to the appliance.

Touch Leakage Test

The touch test displays the current that would flow if a person touched the appliance. The electrical test equipment detects any current flowing in the earth bond lead and indicates the potential leakage through a metal panel.

Functional check

A test is carried out to ensure that the appliance is working correctly and basically does what it is supposed to do in the right environment.

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