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Fire risk assessments, you may not WANT one, but you NEED one by LAW.

Fire risk assessments are not the most exciting of purchases and, as a preventative measure, do not provide a company with an immediate visible boost from buying – meaning they can be low down on a business’ priority list. However, the assessments are vital and a necessary part of any company infrastructure. A fire risk assessment comes with many more subtle benefits which may not always be apparent, such as; Legal compliance, Education for staff, Confidence with insurance companies and more.

It is a legal requirement in the UK, for a Fire Risk Assessment to be conducted on all blocks of flats or business premises. If your company has 4 or more regular employees in the building, then the Fire Risk Assessment must also be documented. This can be carried out by a ‘responsible person’ but if done incorrectly, you could run afoul with the law. With fines for minor penalties up to £5,000, major penalties being unlimited £’s and up to 2 years in prison, it’s important the Fire Risk Assessment is carried out by the right person. Therefore, appointing an accredited assessor such as the ones at Infinite Fire & Security, removes the risk to you and ensures the assessment is carried out accurately, without legal repercussions for yourself.

So, You’ve booked your fire risk assessment with Infinite Fire & Security, what happens next?

We will attend your site, discuss your requirements and our NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) qualified assessor will carry out the Fire Risk Assessment. On completion we will provide you with a full report of our findings including suggested corrective measures to take to make your building a safer environment, whilst also complying with the current fire legislation. This, of course, can all be done with minimal intrusion to your premises and at an appointment time to suit you.

Why wait? Call the office on 01226 337898, drop us an email or even contact us direct through the website and get the ball rolling. You may not want to, but by law, you need to. So rip the hypothetical plaster off and call us today. Your business will thank you for it.

Accreditations serve a variety of purposes. Such as, customer service, ethical values or quality infrastructures and are often created by independent bodies. In the Fire and Security industry, we are in a field of supporting the prevention of loss of life. That means the fire and security accreditation we work to and work hard for, will be the first element of quality and what you should be looking for in a Fire and Security provider. 

Fire prevention and good practice saves lives. It therefore stands to good reason that you should only choose a Fire provider with an independent certification body. One which is accredited by the government body UKAS. The accreditation you need to look for is BAFE. At Infinite Fire & Security, we are BAFE SP203-1 accredited.

We also pride ourselves on being SSAIB certified, which also has wide UKAS accreditation. This means that our certification is subject to independent scrutiny and validation against international standards.

SSAIB’s aim is “To promote high standards of service, within the community of Electronic Security, Guarding and Fire System providers – in the interests of end users. This is achieved through rigorous assessment of providers against SSAIB’s scheme criteria and British or European Standards, maintained by regular and ongoing audits of management systems and inspection of systems” (source: That therefore means, here at Infinite Fire & Security, we are held to the highest of standards within the industry.

The correct choice of supplier is imperative. Suppliers should not be chosen merely on the cheapest quote, but on the adequate insurance and accreditation the supplier holds. Also, something to consider is the stability and longevity of the company to ensure warranty and continued support is available. 

With over 20 years in the Fire & Security industry, you can trust in and on Infinite to deliver and keep on delivering the best service for their customers – For many many years to come.

Although we lose an hours sleep, we all look forward to the lighter evenings as the clocks spring ahead an hour, but unfortunately it’s not all sunshine and daffodils. 

You’d automatically think that the risk of an intruder would decrease as we enjoy longer daylight hours, but according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), this isn’t the case.
The ONS reported 27 burglary instances per 1,000 domestic properties during 2016-2017. Commercial properties show an even more alarming figure (no pun intended) of 303 burglary instances per 1,000 properties – and this is for the wholesale and retail sector only!
With these shocking statistics in mind, do you think your property is sufficiently protected? When was the last time your alarm system had a spring clean? Or is yours more ‘silence of the lambs’? (see what we did there? Spring… Lambs…)
As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure and we we’d hate to see anyone fall into either one of these statistics. It’s important that you have the correct system installed for your premises and that it undergoes regular servicing and maintenance.
Here at Infinite Fire and Security, we offer the ultimate peace of mind with our Infinite Care Package with prices starting from as little as £90.00 for a domestic contract.
No matter the age or condition of your alarm, our engineers will and ensure you’re ready for whatever the seasons throw at you.
Spring into action and give us a call on 0845 1110 423 or email



When 2 become 4. Due to every other expansion we’ve had recently, we’ve now had to expand our vehicle range too!

In keeping with our vehicle ‘theme’, all our vans are silver with our trademark red and black sign writing. Which was done by the wonderful people down at Signhouse UK in Barugh Green. We like to keep it local and support local businesses wherever we can.

First up, best dressed as to who gets the newest vans but it looks like Caroline in the office will be driving what her daughter has coined “Daddy little van”. When its finally decided (probably by way of Rock, Paper, Scissors) who gets which van, we will of course try and round up all our lovely engineers for a staff photo with our new fleet. Because we definitely think 4 vans can now be classed as a ‘fleet’!

So if you see us out on the road, heading to our customers across the UK, give us a friendly BEEP BEEP to say “Hello” 🙂

Well, in terms of the World Wide Web that is.

As well as new office and new staff, we now have a sparkly new website.

Similar looking to before, but is jam packed with all new, improved and up to date content.

Even this very blog you’re reading now is a new addition.

You can find:

  • All our accreditation certificates (basically our many qualifications that allow us to do what we do, and do it so well).
  • Testimonials from customers, straight from the horses mouth as they were written to us.
  • Case studies (coming soon) on all the advanced technological sites we’ve been working on recently.
  • We even have a section that proudly showcases our customers! 

We will even have a ‘meet the team’ section up and running once we can get everyone to agree on a photo they actually like haha!

With a new, up to date section outlining and detailing each of the services we provide and a new enquiry form/live chat area, its never been so simple to see if Infinite Fire & Security is the right company for your needs.

So drop us an email, phone call or live chat today and see if we can help!

And by biggest, we also mean busiest. Due to this, we need more engineers! Could that be you? Could that be a family member or a friend you know?

We are currently looking for an Engineer who’s competent in installations and servicing of Fire & Intruder alarms!

The role would involve carrying out route servicing, testing, inspection, repairs and installation of Fire Alarms, Intruder Alarms and associated equipment and products. 

We need someone who has a flexible attitude to working hours as the job will include a call out rota. Not ideal, but a vital necessity for our customers to have the 24/7 coverage required in case of emergencies etc. Rota’s are shared fairly and equally. We all have families, and we work so we can spend quality time with them.

Previous experience is required and a Full UK Driving license is essential as we have state of the art vans that you would need to drive from customer to customer.

Excellent rates of pay and benefits. 

Work within a small team of hard working individuals for a fast growing company.

Does this sound like you or like someone you know? If you do, get in touch! The full job description/salary etc can be found under the ‘Vacancies’ tab at the top right hand side of our website.

We look forward to hearing from you! 


Moving on up!

They say moving is one of the most stressful things you can do. With 42% of the British public voting that moving was one of their most stressful life events, that doesn’t mean it cant be one of the most exciting too. That can be doubly said for when it comes to moving your business. But we’ve done it and were only better and stronger for it.

Infinite Fire & Security is cementing its name of ‘Infinity’ but setting down roots in our new offices in Dodworth, Barnsley. With more staff than ever, in the office and on the field, 2019 looks like its going to be a very exciting and productive year. 

The end of 2018 has seen many changes for us (and many tins of paint!). However, what remains the same: We are still a family company that likes to take care of our customers and our staff like family. Because without you, these changes wouldn’t be happening.

MD Chris Gillis said about the move “Its nice to see all the years of hard work starting to pay off and now really is the right time to expand the business”

Things are starting to take shape in the office. We have the meeting rooms set up and everyone has their own desk, complete with pictures drawn by their children. We even have a microwave! (PAT tested of course!) We finished the decorating and downed our paint brushes just in-time for Christmas and even managed to throw a little festive tinsel around to get us into the spirit.

Things really are looking ‘Merry and Bright’ here at Infinite HQ for 2019. We hope you can all pop round for a cup of tea/coffee in the New Year and see the place for yourselves!

 And last but not least, we want to wish all our customers, new and old, a Happy New Year!

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